The COLUMBUS Consortium is made up of 25 Partners across 14 countries and has been specifically designed to address the call topic and achieve the intended impacts. The Consortium is a balanced, multidisciplinary partnership, containing Pan-European organisations which represent a broad constituency of stakeholders in the marine and maritime areas.

COLUMBUS brings together a new extended multi-stakeholder, multidisciplinary, transnational partnership with the experience, strategic positioning and track record in the marine and maritime sectors to achieve the ambitious impacts of the call topic. Understanding that strategic changes are needed in how the marine and maritime community interact and collaborate for mutual benefit, the partnership has been constructed to represent all aspects of the research lifecycle (funding bodies, researchers, communications experts and end-users) and all regional sea basins in Europe.

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Societé d’Exploitation du Centre National de la Mer (National Sea Centre), Nausicaá, is a marine science centre and aquarium in Boulogne sur Mer, France, that shows marine biodiversity on a 6000 m2 exhibition area to 620.000 visitors per year, from North West Europe (Benelux, France, Germany, and UK). It is among the top ten tourist and cultural attractions in France with over 13 million visitors since its opening in 1991. The permanent and temporary exhibitions highlight the relationship between man and marine environment. Nausicaá disseminates scientific information and develops educational programme, outreach activities, communication tools and events. Nausicaá was recognized as the world’s first Centre of Excellence for ocean education by the UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission in 1999 and after a series of specific collaborations, now signed a global corporation agreement with the UNESCO in 2014. The mission of Nausicaá is to raise awareness of the importance of the world's oceans, educate general public about how to better manage marine resources and invite everyone to take action to protect the marine environment.

Contact person: Florence Huron


Role of Nausicaá in COLUMBUS

Work Package Leader for Work Package 7. Providing support to Competence Node for Marine Environment and Futures. Participating across project in Work Packages 2 to 6.

Profile of staff engaged in the project:


Passionate about Oceans and their fragility, Florence Huron decided to focus her studies on engineering in fisheries and aquaculture sciences. Graduated with a MSc in Engineering from ENSAT (Toulouse) and AGROCAMPUS OUEST (Rennes), Florence joined Nausicaa in 2011. For the past six (6) years, she has coordinated the Mr.Goodfish programme dedicated on sustainable seafood consumption. She is now Nausicaa’s Head of the International Projects, and leads among other international projects the COLUMBUS project Work Package 7 (WP7). COLUMBUS WP7 is dedicated to “Communication, Engagement and Knowledge Transfer towards a Blue Society”. Florence manages its related activities based on communication, promotion of marine Knowledge Transfer, enhancing the visibility and impact of marine and maritime research to stakeholders and the wider public, toward a Blue Society.

 nathalie g

Evolving for more than fifteen years within the marine environment sector, Nathalie Gamain has gained a unique and extensive expertise in international project development and management, as well as communications related activities. She has collaborated with Nausicaa for the past nine years on various international programmes. Nathalie has recently joined its dedicated COLUMBUS team. With Florence, she runs the WP7 COLUMBUS day-to-day activities and provides her expertise in order to both meet the WP7 objectives and implement its dedicated workplan. Nathalie holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the College of Charleston (SC, USA), and a DESI from the SKEMA Business School (Sophia-Antipolis, France).



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