The COLUMBUS Consortium is made up of 25 Partners across 14 countries and has been specifically designed to address the call topic and achieve the intended impacts. The Consortium is a balanced, multidisciplinary partnership, containing Pan-European organisations which represent a broad constituency of stakeholders in the marine and maritime areas.

COLUMBUS brings together a new extended multi-stakeholder, multidisciplinary, transnational partnership with the experience, strategic positioning and track record in the marine and maritime sectors to achieve the ambitious impacts of the call topic. Understanding that strategic changes are needed in how the marine and maritime community interact and collaborate for mutual benefit, the partnership has been constructed to represent all aspects of the research lifecycle (funding bodies, researchers, communications experts and end-users) and all regional sea basins in Europe.

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ECMAR is an association of 26 members from 15 European countries and uniquely represents the community of applied maritime research organisations. Its members' R&D capabilities include the technologies of hydrodynamics, motions, structures, propulsion systems, underwater, safety, risk, design and strategic studies, arctic and inland competences. They have been involved in an aggregate of over 200 EU project-partner involvement; their combined researchers exceed 1500 with a combined average of €11m in R&D funding inflow. ECMAR participates in Waterborne TP and is linked to other TIPs; it has eight thematic groups amongst its members and contributes to Commission consultations on future policy and research priorities.

Contact person: Aage Damsgaard



Providing support to Competence Node for Monitoring and Observation Maritime Support and Logistics. Participating across the project in Work Packages 2 to 8.

Profile of staff engaged in the project:

aageAage Damsgaard has been active in maritime research matters, at international level, for many years. He has recently retired as Technical Manager of FORCE Technology, where he has had close links with the IITC, which he still retains. He has also had significant involvement with EU marine and maritime research, including many European funded projects. He was instrumental in the creation of the current ECMAR Association in 2007 and became its founding Chairman. Aage had been a Council Member of ECMAR from then until 2013, when he became Honorary Chairman, in recognition of his contribution to ECMAR. He was appointed ECMAR Director, with effect from September 2014.


AlinaAlina Stadnitskaia, originally a petroleum geologist and involved in deep-sea explorative research, is a senior-level professional with over twenty years of cooperative relationship between multidisciplinary marine intellectual sector and Maritime, Deep Sea Mining and Oil&Gas industries.  She has experience in identifying and developing new business opportunities within and outside the standard service portfolio; has pragmatic industrial market understanding and technical knowledge with scientific approach and analysis. She is an experienced manager with experience managing all levels of projects within European and international companies. 



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