European Parliament event on accelerating Blue Growth through Knowledge Transfer - January 2018

The COLUMBUS project has demonstrated how it is possible to capitalise on the European Commission’s significant investment in marine and maritime research by ensuring accessibility and uptake of research Knowledge Outputs by end-users: policy, industry, science and wider society. This has been achieved by developing and applying a specifically tailored process to identify, analyse and transfer promising outputs from funded research projects.

To celebrate the valuable lessons learned by COLUMBUS, the European Parliament will host the conference “Accelerating Blue Growth through Marine and Maritime Knowledge Transfer”, on 22 February 2018, the last event of the COLUMBUS project.

The event, organised by EurOcean - the Work Package Leader on "Knowledge Collection", will be chaired by COLUMBUS External Advisory Board Member and EurOcean’s former President MEP member, Ricardo Serrão Santos, and will enjoy the participation of European Commission, namely the Head of the Marine Resources Unit in the Directorate General for Research and Innovation, Sigi Gruber.

The event has the aim of reflecting on the lessons learned in the Horizon 2020's flagship project on Knowledge Transfer for Blue Growth, COLUMBUS, in relation to stepping up Knowledge Transfer from European and nationally-funded research and innovation projects in the marine and maritime sphere.

All the key steps for achieving successful Knowledge Transfer will be presented and demonstrated by a number of case studies. The event, mainly targeting policy and decision-makers, funding agencies, knowledge generators and users including researchers, consultants, scientists and industry, will underline the advantages of a more proactive approach for Knowledge Transfer, supported by the appropriate resources throughout the process from funding.

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