COLUMBUS Brokerage Event in Maritime Sensing Technologies 23 November, 2017

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PLOCAN, partner in the COLUMBUS project, is leading the organization of a brokerage event on 23 November 2017, alongside several other COLUMBUS partners including Seascape Consultants, EuroGOOS, and Aquatera, as well as related initiative EMODnet. The event will take place during the AtlantOS General Assembly, Gran Canaria, Spain. The goal of this event is to facilitate brokerage and foster partnerships between representatives of national marine observations and data programmes in Europe and across the Atlantic, and sensor developers who have generated new technologies through their participation in EU-funded projects.

New technologies and innovations in sensor development funded through the EU framework programmes will be presented and discussed to aid knowledge transfer and foster collaboration among marine and maritime stakeholders, including publicly-funded organizations and SMEs. Participants will include:

  • - European companies, focused on maritime sensing technologies and/or observing platforms that have recently participated in the development of new sensors, with the support of the European Commission-funded research and innovation projects;
  • - Expert companies and institutions in marine sensor interoperability, data collection and transmission, and data sharing and use that will provide innovative cutting-edge solutions mostly developed with the support of the European Commission in the framework of research and innovation projects;
  • - Many of their potential users, including AtlantOS partners, representing the European oceanographic and ocean

The Horizon2020 COLUMBUS project aims to ensure that applicable knowledge generated through EU-funded projects can be transferred effectively to marine and maritime sectors. To capitalise on the European Commission’s investment in research COLUMBUS is investigating the accessibility and uptake of research outputs by end-users (policy, industry, science and wider society) and will help ensure that measurable value is derived from research investments contributing to sustainable Blue Growth.

Science and technology have a vital role to play preserving the marine environment as well as supporting the European Blue Growth strategy to enhance the economic potential of our seas and oceans. This is a key component of the Europe 2020 goal of smart, inclusive and sustainable growth for Europe.The Europe 2020 Innovation Union initiative (2010) states: “We need to get more innovation out of our research”.

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