Upcoming Conferences

Accelerating Blue Growth through Marine and Maritime Knowledge Transfer

22 February 2018 - European Parliament, Brussels

This event will be livestreamed from the EurOcean Facebook page from 13:00-16:00 CET. 

The COLUMBUS project, funded by Horizon2020, demonstrates how it is possible to capitalise on the European Commission’s significant investment in marine and maritime research by ensuring accessibility and uptake of research Knowledge Outputs by end-users such as policy, industry, science and wider society. The project began in March 2015 and will come to an end in February 2018 by organising its final event in the Parliament.

The objective is to reflect on the lessons learned in the H2020 COLUMBUS project in relation to stepping up Knowledge Transfer from European funded research and innovation projects in the marine and maritime sphere. This will be achieved by demonstrating, through a number of showcases, all the steps required for successful Knowledge Transfer. Moreover, examples of bodies implementing successful Knowledge Transfer systems will be provided. In addition, the event will underline the advantages of a more proactive approach for Knowledge Transfer, supported by the appropriate resources throughout the process from funding and proposal evaluation to the research implementation and industry involvement.

The event will gather involved partners such as the European Commission, Member States, industry, the scientific community, NGOs, and civil society to share their views and further discuss with policy-makers the results and guidelines moving forward.

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