Project Results

Conferences and Workshops

Please click here to see the presentations, media and minutes from 1st COLUMBUS Annual Conference, 2 Mar 2016, Brussels, Belgium

Please click here to see the presentations, media and minutes from 2nd COLUMBUS Annual Conference, 7 Nov 2017, Brussels, Belgium


Newsletter 1: Fall 2016

Newsletter 2: Winter 2016

Newsletter 3: Spring 2017

Newsletter 4: Brokerage Events

Newsletter 5: Fall 2017

Public Deliverables

Publically available deliverables are uploaded below as they are submitted and accepted by the European Commission to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and understanding: 


D2.1 Reference Guide for Competence Node interactions and collaboration pdf
D2.2 Guidelines on carrying out COLUMBUS Knowledge Transfer  pdf
D3.1 Report on knowledge gaps and needs in different focus areas  pdf
D3.2 Knowledge Demand: Assignation of knowledge needs to Competence Nodes pdf
D3.3 Mapping report of possible inter-relationships, inter-linkages and dependencies of prioritized knowledge gaps and needs of the focus areas combined  pdf
D4.1 Inventory of relevant projects by priority focus area pdf
D4.2 Portals and Repositories and their role in Knowledge Transfer to support Blue Growth pdf
D4.3 Report on KO’s identification  pdf
D5.2 Progression of Knowledge Outputs to Knowledge Transfer  pdf
D7.1 COLUMBUS Dissemination and Exploitation Plan, including website  pdf
D7.4 COLUMBUS 1st Blue Growth Knowledge Transfer conference report  pdf
D7.5 Blue Society Award rules  pdf
D8.1 Report on current metrics for research performance pdf
D8.2 Report on existing Knowledge Transfer initiatives including their positive and negative attributes from an end user point of view pdf

Case Studies

Please click here to see the agenda, report and presentations from "Knowledge on discards: A dialogue with the European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA)", 2 Feb 2017, Vigo, Spain

Please click here to download the "Use and sharing of marine observatuons and data by industry: Good pracice guide"